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April 2008 and onwards (and upwards!)
Private parties and small acoustic sets abound. Dave's Celtic and singing sessions gain new lease of life with shift from the Brecknock to Finn MacCools.

March 17 2008 (Monday)
P.J. O'Brien's. Adelaide's heatwave hits a new high with St Patrick's Day at P.J.'s.

November 17 2007 (Saturday)
Brecknock Hotel. A good turnout of friends old and new.

October 27 2007 (Saturday)
Fleurieu Folk Festival. The Legends whip up a record-breaking storm as, 10 mins before we're due onstage, the power goes off all over town. Undaunted, Dave and Kate busk it with bombast, lifting the big tent roof by torchlight. Wow.

October 19 2007(Friday)
Brecknock Hotel. Yep, we're ba-a-ack!

October 13 2007 (Saturday)
The Gov's 160th birthday party. The Legends invited to join a fabulous lineup in 3 venues over 6 hours. A truly great celebration, fantastic fun.

September 15 2007 (Saturday)
Massive party at Brecknock to see off the Moore dynasty. New beginnings abound - as do Adelaide's best bands: The Cowtippers, Spiral Dance to name but a few ... oh yes, and of course The Legends.

January-September 2007
Dave fades to Europe, comes back. Kate gets new job and disappears. Ishy Puffs away with Billy. Ian and Kate head to Europe, come back. Refreshed and renewed, Lounge Legends fire up again - as a trio plus sound guy (also with drummer by arrangement).

December 16 2006 (Saturday)
Private party. (Yep, The Legends do parties, weddings, metal, anything! Okay, just kidding about the metal.)

October/November/December 2006
THE LEGENDS TAKE A BIG BREAK WHILE DAVE GETS OVER HIS. (See October newsletter with link to Port Lincoln Times for more on cliff rescue drama.)

October 7 2006 (Saturday)
Brecknock Hotel. With Dave on injury leave and drummer John who knows where, The Legends prove we can get it together at short notice! Rob and Dean join Kate and Istvan for a classic Legends evening.

29 September–2 October 2006
Stinky Creek Folk Festival! Legends Dave and Kate legged it to Port Lincoln for acoustic duo gigs and brand new songwriting workshop (see October newsletter). Afterwards, Dave fell off a cliff.

September 16 2006 (Saturday)
Birthday party in the burbs. Awesome backyard stage set, beautiful weather, appreciative host.

September 15 2006 (Friday)

7 Stars Hotel. Final in series. Sad to say goodbye, but happy to move on. (We was born under a Wandrin' Star...)

September 10 2006 (Sunday)
West Torrens Library. Seriously. First acoustic duo gig, to an appreciative – if peripatetic – audience of mainly children. Impromptu guitar and violin lessons were a surprise to us all!

August 18 2006 (Friday)
7 Stars. Our sixth of seven in the current series at the Stars. Thanks to many friends who have supported Legends at this venue. Come along on the next THIRD FRIDAY, 15 September for a big sendoff!!!

August 13 2006 (Sunday)
Fowlers Live. A whole new experience, mixing it with the rockers, all-metal venue, all-metal volume! Mission exuberantly accomplished: Ethiopia fundraiser is in the black (no heavy-leather pun intended).

August 11 2006 (Friday)
Brecknock Hotel. Kick-off right on the mark, not a striped guernseyin sight and a full house that stayed all night anyway. (Legends don't need to kick balls to keep things jumping.)

July 29 2006 (Saturday)
Brecknock Hotel. A late start thanks to rugby worship (what is it lately with The Legends and footballs?) turned into a fine night, with old friends and new having a darn good time.

July 21 2006 (Friday)
7 Stars. Can't win 'em all! Footy 'legends' proved the stronger draw on the night, but we had a good time anyway, and hope a few more can join us at the Stars next THIRD FRIDAY.

July 8 2006 (Saturday)
Brecknock Hotel. Welcome to new Legends Istvan (bass) and Ian (sound), truly in the groove.

June 30 2006 (Friday)
7 Stars Hotel. They snuck in an extra one! Rob's champagne sendoff with guest appearance by former drummer Dean.

June 16 2006 (Friday)
7 Stars Hotel. Finding the groove just ain't hard in this great pub. Farewell gig with Rob – or so we thought ...

May 26 2006 (Friday)
7 Stars Hotel. Gremlins gave it a try but were soundly trounced! (Legends 3, Gremlins 1)

May 19 2006 (Friday)
Brecknock Hotel. Fantastic night, energy to burn.

April 21 2006 (Friday)
7 Stars Hotel. We LOVED our first gig in this welcoming venue! Awesome debut for Drummer John the Daemon Packer. Nobody felt the cold.

April 8 2006 (Saturday)
Brecknock Hotel, our best night yet as Adelaide warms up for winter and we bid a fond farewell to Drummer Dean on a slow boat to China.

March 17 2006 (Friday)
St Patrick's at the Brecknock, full of fizz and froth. Lots of dancing and hijinx and a seriously good time for those who made it through the queues.

March 3 2006 (Friday)
Brecknock Hotel, Fringe or no Fringe that joint was jumpin.

February 21 2006 (Saturday)
Brecknock Hotel, a crowded house and much good cheer.

February 4 2006 (Saturday)
43 degrees, 200% humidity and no monsoon in sight. Our first four-hour stint and we're tired but happy, a great beginning for the new line-up.

November 5 2005 (Saturday)
Massive night at Fleurieu Folk Festival, who knew it would go over so well? Shall we keep going? An emphatic YES!


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